Located in the coast of Peru (at sea level), is the main entrance to the country as it’s the capital of Peru.

Since its Spanish foundation, almost 500 years ago, Lima has been synonymous of a fascinating cultural “mestizaje” reflected in its gastronomy and architecture.

In 1991 Lima was declared by UNESCO as World Heritage.

As a cosmopolitan city, Lima has many things to offer to visitors: museums, art galleries, archaeological sites and restaurants to taste the Peruvian Gastronomy.

Must sees:

  • Lima historic center: The Cathedral, Saint Franci’s church and its catacombs, Saint Dominic’s church, the Mercy church and Saint Peter’s church.

  • Museums: Larco Herrera museum, Archaeological museum, Lima Art museum, Gold museum and Amano museum (dedicated to ancient textiles).

  • Archaeological sites: Huaca Pucllana (200 to 700 AC), Huaca Huallamarca (500 to 1,400 AC) and Pachacamac (200 to 1,532 AC)